Alternatives to White Marble Countertops

Alternatives to White Marble Countertops White marble is classic and timeless. Elegant Greek columns and powerful Roman walls gleam white in the sun, and white and gray-veined statues stand guard in art museums. For millennia, we've loved the soft, white-gray stone. Marble is mined around the world and graces monuments like India's glorious Taj Mahal and Turkey's

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Lesher Kitchen Tour 2017 Details Updates

Kitchen Profile:   11 Banbury Road,  Hummelstown Home Built:  1976 Remodel:  2007 added cabinets to the island.   2016 added a spice cabinet above the sink along with new countertops. Perimeter countertop: Alaska White granite by Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile Island countertop: Alaska White granite by Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile Backsplash:  Tuscan tan

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Lesher Kitchen Tour of 2016

Remodel or new build?   New build by O’Shea & Brubaker Design:  Curry Design Year of the above?   2015 Perimeter Countertop:  Genesis granite by Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile Island Countertop: Genesis granite by Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile Backsplash:  Ceramic Tile from Conestoga Cabinets: Colonial Craft Kitchens designed and crafted the European style, also

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Lesher Kitchen Tour Downtown Hershey

Kitchen Profile: 153 Maple Avenue Hershey Home Built: 1939 Remodeled: kitchen renovation 2009 Perimeter Countertop: Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile - white Carrara marble Island Countertop: Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile - white Carrara marble Backsplash: Glass Cabinets: Mix of walnut veneer and white melamine Hardware: Sugatsune stainless steel pulls Floor: Refinished oak

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Q & A: Will weak acids stain granite?

Customer Question: Question? It says on the maintenance/care sheet that natural stone is sensitive to acid; such things as fruit juice, vinegar, wine, lemon juice, and I imagine tomatoes and tomato juice. I cana lot and use vinegar when I do pickles. I also can a lot of tomato products. When I am canning with vinegar and tomatoes I will definitely be getting these items on the counter

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White Carrara Marble | Tile, Counters & More

White Carrara Marble Named for its origin city of Cararra in Tuscany, Italy, white Carrara marble tile has been an alluring building and design material for centuries. From the architects of Ancient Rome to artists and interior designers of the modern age, this unmistakable type of marble with its distinctive white and grey veining

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Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Sourced from quarries in Brazil, typhoon bordeaux granite is a material that has become increasingly popular among interior designers, architects, builders and homeowners alike. This uniquely formed natural stone features striking gold and bordeaux color tones against a creamy background of browns, grays and yellows. Because our typhoon bordeaux granite in

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Soapstone Tile

Soapstone Slabs & Soapstone Tile Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that has been used for building and design purposes for many centuries. Composed with a high percentage of the mineral talc, soapstone is softer than many other natural stones and has a soapy feel to the touch. The soft and easy working nature of

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Salinas White Granite | Countertops & More

Salinas White Granite A special combination of natural physical properties makes Salinas white granite a timeless working material for everyone from architects and designers to craftsmen and artists. Our beautiful Salinas white granite is sourced from Brazil and remains a high-quality material. Often a substitute for marble in applications where etching is a concern,

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