Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Sourced from quarries in Brazil, typhoon bordeaux granite is a material that has become increasingly popular among interior designers, architects, builders and homeowners alike. This uniquely formed natural stone features striking gold and bordeaux color tones against a creamy background of browns, grays and yellows. Because our typhoon bordeaux granite in Harrisburg

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Soapstone Tile

Soapstone Slabs & Soapstone Tile Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that has been used for building and design purposes for many centuries. Composed with a high percentage of the mineral talc, soapstone is softer than many other natural stones and has a soapy feel to the touch. The soft and easy working nature of the

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Salinas White Granite | Countertops & More

Salinas White Granite A special combination of natural physical properties makes Salinas white granite a timeless working material for everyone from architects and designers to craftsmen and artists. Our beautiful Salinas white granite is sourced from Brazil and remains a high-quality material. Often a substitute for marble in applications where etching is a concern, the

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Giallo Ornamental Granite

Giallo Ornamental Granite Giallo Ornamental granite is sourced from quarries in Brazil and ranks among the most popular choices in natural stone household material in the world. With its warm neutral hues and simplistic, repetitive natural pattern, Giallo Ornamental countertops, backsplashes and floor and wall tiles blend with a wide range of interior design styles

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Blue Flower Granite | Blacksplash, Counters & More

Blue Flower Granite The popularity of granite among designers, architects, builders and homeowners continues to grow, as it is increasingly utilized in everything from countertops, floors, wall tiles and stairs to thresholds, vanities and desktops. Our blue flower granite is available in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Hershey and across the region. You can use blue flower granite

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Black Antique Leathered Granite

Black Antique Leathered Granite From the time of the ancient pyramids until today, black granite has remained a widely used building material with a lustrous and luxurious appeal. Sourced from places around the world including Africa, Asia and South America, our black antique leathered granite is hailed for its combination of versatility and durability. The

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Bianco Antico Granite | Backsplash, Counters & More

Bianco Antico Granite Traditionally sourced from bedrock quarries in Brazil, this natural stone granite is among the most popular materials for both commercial and residential interior designs. Also sometimes referred to as White Silk or Arctic Ice, Bianco Antico granite kitchen and bathroom fixtures feature a coarse-grained texture that lightens and enhances virtually any room.

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Lesher Kitchen Tour in Downtown Hershey

Photo by Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz, & Tile is proud to announce our first annual Lesher Kitchen Tour in downtown Hershey, Sunday October 4th, 2015 from 1pm to 3pm. This exclusive event will energize your creative side as you take a stroll through downtown Hershey and step inside some of Hershey's finest homes.  Discover what others

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How to Seal Granite and Marble Countertops

  Table of Contents How Often Should You Seal Your Countertops? Sealing Granite, Marble, & Natural Stone Countertops How to Seal Granite Countertops How to Seal Marble Countertops When Not to Seal Natural Stone Countertops Professional Sealing for Natural Stone Surfaces View Our Countertops One of the most common questions we hear is whether natural

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How to Make Homemade Granite Countertop Cleaner

  Table of Contents Homemade Granite Cleaner That's Safe For Your Countertop What You Need To Make Granite Cleaner at Home The Best Ways to Properly Clean Your Granite Countertops What NOT to Use For Granite Cleaner The Importance of Proper Granite Countertop Care Granite kitchen countertops are an appealing choice for many homeowners. If

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